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Title 24

The Furnace Room, Inc. will help you maintain California Title 24 compliance for your building, whether that’s residential or commercial.

Acquiring permits for Title 24 compliancy takes valuable time and energy away from your project; and as we know, time and energy have costs — to say nothing of bringing added frustration to the construction process. Leave it to the experts to get it done for you in an efficient manner. The Furnace Room, Inc. will work with you, your engineers, and your general contractors every step of the way to ensure your building is Title 24 compliant.

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Title 24 Reporting and Permits

What We Offer:

  • Working in conjunction with your submitted plans (see section “what we need from you”), reports featuring all necessary requirements to ensure Title 24 compliance
  • Title 24-compliance CF1R reports for CalCERTS; available in xml format for easy uploading into CalCERTS.
  • Suggestions for enhancements to various HVAC and building-related systems to ensure Title 24 compliance
  • Title 24 compliance software used by The Furnace Room, Inc. is one of a few certified software options found on the California Energy Commission’s approved list. We use “Right-Energy Title 24” for our calculations. Check it out here!

What We Need from You:

  • Complete building plans, preferably in vectorized PDFs (your architect will know what this means)
    • Please include elevation views
    • Please include orientation/exposure of building
  • Schedules for doors and windows
    • Note that with Title 24 compliance, your original doors an windows schedules may require adjustment. We will offer our suggestions based on our software. This will be featured in the report
  • Heating and cooling equipment
    • If this is a new installation, please provide your intended heating and cooling equipment with as much detail as possible. If the equipment provided (whether it’s a new install or existing equipment) doesn’t meet Title 24 compliance, we will offer equipment that helps you get there.
  • Water heating system type
    • As with the heating and cooling section above, please offer as much detail as possible on the water heating system

To learn more about how we can bring your building into Title 24 compliance, please contact us and complete the brief form with a description of your project and one of our associates will get back to you as soon as we can.

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