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    The Furnace Room, Inc. installs new air conditioning systems and offers replacement of existing equipment.

    We offer a variety of air conditioning equipment. They range from standard 13 SEER efficiency up to 21 SEER high efficiency models. We use eco-friendly refrigerant in many of the models we install. Replacing your old equipment now will put money in your pocket. This savings continues month after month.

    To get started, we need to schedule an appointment. During our visit we asses the system requirements along with your personal preferences and design a custom system which is unique to you and your home.

    Just ask our comfort consultant for details that modify your purchase to fit your budget.

    “My Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling”

    If your air conditioner quits, don’t panic! We are a full-service company, and you only pay a low flat rate for repairs. You never pay for extra labor, or for us locating hard-to-find parts for you. Best of all, we don’t consider your unit fixed until it has worked perfectly for 90 days after we repair it. If the part we repaired or replaced fails within our warantee period, we’ll fix it for FREE. Shouldn’t you call The Furnace Room for an immediate appointment?

    Try our Precision Tune-Up!

    Our Precision Tune-Up (PTU) service covers your whole air conditioning system. We clean and inspect your equipment, thermostat function test and adjustment, duct inspection, and leak testing.

    • An annual inspection and cleaning of your equipment and duct system will prolong the service life of your system.
    • Inspection and cleaning will catch small problems before they become big problems. Our inspections and cleaning will actually save you money!
    • Your air ducts are the “lungs” of your home. Filtering the air is not only important to your health, but also to your equipment’s health.
    • Included in every PTU is a disposable air filter or cleaning of your existing air filter. Available for purchase are Aprilaire high efficiency air filters.
    • How are you spending your PG&E increase? Are your ducts heating your attic or crawl space?
    • We perform a visual inspection of your duct system on every tune-up.

    Call the Furnace Room, Inc to schedule your Precision Tune-Up today!

    Want to save money and have peace of mind?

    Purchase our one-, two-, or three-year Energy Saving Agreement (ESA). By pre-purchasing Precision Tune-Ups through our maintenance program, you will receive all the benefits only ESA customers get:

    • Scheduled annual appointments (we call you!).
    • Locked-in price. If you have a multi-year ESA and the yearly price goes up, you don’t pay the difference!
    • Ten percent (10%) off parts and labor should your equipment need repair while under our ESA.
    • Priority service should your equipment need repairs.

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